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We can come to you, you can come to us or we can meet you at your event for a custom team building scavenger hunt.

Why the name FUNK ~N~ for every event? The FUNK is the music we associate with all our events. We LOVE music and with Flower Child as our name FUNK only seems to be the best fit! You have to get FUNKY with it! FUNKY was actually our President's nick name in High School!

We are Runners! Flower Child Productions strongly supports our our men and woman in the military!  We've all ran the fun runs and combined the elements we loved most into OUR Funk~N~Run and started something new with the Funk~N~Impossible Mission!  We are: Military wives, Military Personnel, Personal Trainers and Health Professionals who love to have fun! Please help us on our mission to give back by signing up for our events.

Flower Child Productions hosts a number of super cool events like color runs, scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, foot races, team building events and so many other funky running events.  Our most popular running events take place in Washington, DC; St. Augustine, FL; Atlanta, GA; and San Diego, CA. but we do events all over the US. 

Virtual Challenges

Virtual 5k Run

Charities we support from proceeds of the Virtual Challenges

Virtual Running Challenge

Featured T-Shirt For our virtual Challenge

Color Run for Kids
Scavenger Hunt

It's three events in one! A color run, a military obstacle challenge and a kids obstacle course.

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Custom Team Building Events

A city scavenger hunt meets The Amazing Race with a splash of Mission Impossible!

Weight Loss Challenge

Get FUNKY with it!

K9s for Warriors