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Q: Where is packet pickup?

A: Packet pickup and the mission start site will be emailed to you a week before the mission. We don't want to give away top secret information too far ahead of time. We, however, do let you know the general area so you are prepared.

Q: How many different destinations will we have to go to?

A: You will have 10-15 different destinations that you will have in your mission. You can skip up to 2 Checkpoints. However, time is added on for every clue you do decide to skip.

Q: How long do we have to finish the mission?

We only allow 4 hours max to finish the mission. You should not need 4 hours, however, 4 hours are allowed.

Q: So, All we have to do is figure out the clues and go to those destinations?

A: There are task (called mini-missions) that you be given to each team that you can do along the way. They are not mandatory. However, if you decide to accept these task, they will help your final time. These are fun task and do make the event that much more fun! Besides being fun, they are worth while to do because your finish time can be slashed significantly if you do them! 

Q: What are the mini-missions? Can you tell me more about them?

A: Oh....but we can't tell you what they are or examples. These are top secret. Just make sure you bring your sense of humor with you the day of the mission. Don't bring anyone that you might be embarrassed in front of or you can't show your silly side!! (hint hint) Your A Game, Personality and your creativity (even if you aren't that creative) could really help you in this race! Bring that good energy! There might even be prizes for the most creative or the most silly!

Q: What should we bring?

A: Make sure you bring comfortable clothes and weather appropriate attire. We will have the event rain or shine except if there is a natural disaster! Bring a smart phone for your clues and social media. Please make sure you were comfortable shoes! Most importantly...Bring your awesome sense of humors and personalities!

Q: Are there any rules to figuring out the clues?

A: There are no rules in this area. You can ask anyone, call anyone, use your smartphone, library, computer, tablet...whatever! Just make sure you are correct or you could be at the wrong place and made the trip for nothing!

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It was awesome!
~ Sam from Iowa

It was fun and Challenging!

~ Beth from Iowa

FUNK-N-IMPOSSIBLE...an amazing experience...were you can let loose.and have a blast... everyone must try it
~ Danielle from AZ

FUNK-N-Impossible Mission


This event is INTERACTIVE! You will have to use your body and your brain to complete these mini-missions and get to your checkpoints. FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS! No matter if you run on a regular basis or you are just looking to do something fun, this event is fun for all! Each team will have to get to 10-15 check points around your city. There are optional tasks that are given to you along the route that can help you win if you complete them. We don't want to call it a run because you don't have to run to beat the other teams. You can deduct minutes from your total time, if you perform the task that will be explained to you in your mission paperwork. Bring your smart phone, charger, paper and something to write with, water and appropriate clothing....But most importantly...bring your sense of humor and creativity. This is a fun and silly event where you will get to laugh at yourself and your teammates. Leave your worries behind...there is no room for it at this event. There is too much fun happening on this day! We can't say too much more...it's top secret.

St. Augustine


~Allyson from Virginia

I love learning about history and local culture.  This was a fabulous way to do both in a creative and fun way.  Looking forward to the next race.
~Andrew From GA

We really loved this event. It was such a fun day and we will try to participate again
~ Jen from Virginia

Had a blast!
~ John from Virginia

Q: Why is it called the Funk~N~Impossible Mission?

A: The FUNK is the music we associate with all our events. We LOVE music and with Flower Child as our name FUNK only seems to be the best fit! You have to get FUNKY with it! FUNKY was actually the Presidents nick name in High School!
​We named it the Impossible mission for a couple of reasons. We are on a mission to help our active military and our VETS. We want them to know and feel that we have their back as much as they have our back! It is also the Theme of this run.

Q: What is the Funk~N~Impossible Mission?

A: It is a scavenger hunt meets Amazing Race with a Mission Impossible Twist! We don't want to call it a run. 4 teams will go at a time. Each team will get different clues so it wouldn't be wise to following each other. Each Team will start with their initial clue. Once they get to their first destination, they will get the next clue for their next destination and so on and so forth.There are tasks that you have the option to perform. These Task are fun and you will laugh. If you decide to accept the task and perform the task as they are instructed, you will get time taken off that could help you win the race!

Q: What if we can't make it?

A: Registraion is non-refundable. However, if you have a friend that wants to participate instead, you may transfer the registation until 2 weeks before race day. Just tell us OR you can transfer the restiation online.

Q: How far will we walk?

If you choose to accept this mission, you will end up walking between 2-3 miles...if you go to the correct destinations! You team could walk more if you aren't able to solve the riddle/puzzle/problem correctly. During the mission, you will use your brain too! We might even have a easy physical challenge for one or more of your team members! Until all teams come in, there will not be a winner announced. If you leave the event, we will contact you via the social media avenue you chose to compete with.

Q: How many people to a team?

A: A team can consist of 2-6 people. 

Q: Can we really win money?

A: Yes! If you are the top 2 teams that come in with the best times (not necessarily the fastest), you can win up to $100 in cash and prizes! Think you can win? 

Q: Do we get a race shirt?

A: Of course! Even though this isn't technically a 5k or an actual "run", we do let you get the race shirts AND a medal for all finishers! We pick nice soft t-shirts so you will want to wear it more than for the event! We do suggest you pick the size you are now, because we require you to wear the shirts during the event so our spies can spot you out and make sure you are following the rules! If you don't wear your T-shirt, the check point photos will not count.

Q: When do we pick up our packets?

A: Packet Pickup will be on the morning of the event. We ask that you get to the event location 10-15 minutes prior to your start time. We ask you to arrive early so you have time to put on your shirts, make sure you have signed your waiver, look over your packet and receive your mission! TIME DOES START WHETHER YOU ARE THERE OR NOT.