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Funk-n-Kids Challenge

Funnel Run- Fundraiser for Operation Green Zone 11/11/17 (Veteran's Day)

Nocatee, FL



Q: Are strollers allowed?

A: Yes, only during the Funk~N~Run and Funky Field Day area. During the 5K, we ask strollers to keep to the right so runners won't get stuck behind you. Strollers are NOT allowed during the Funk~N~Challenge.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: We know your pets are part of the family, however, we do not allow pets at our runs.  We'd love to see a photo though! We do support Service dogs and of course they are allowed at our events. **PSA: Do not pet service dogs. They are working**

Q: What if it rains?

A: We Funk~n~Run rain or shine. If there is lightening, then we will Funk~n~postpone until the weather clears up. Weather delays will be sent via e-mail, Facebook & Twitter.

Q: What if I can't make it?

A: Registration is non-refundable. However, if you have a friend that wants to Funk~n~participate instead, you may transfer the registration until 2 weeks before race day.  Just tell us OR you can transfer the registration online!

Q: How can I help?

A: Want to Funk~n~volunteer? Click on the HERE and fill out the form. We will gladly give you a Funk~n~free t-shirt to show our appreciation! 

Q: What should I wear?

A: Wear whatever you would like! White usually works the best, but we have seen tutu's, morph suits, costumes, prom/wedding dresses...lets see if you can come in something we haven't seen!?!?

Q: Can I run with my friends?

A: Abso~FUNK~n~Lutely! Let's see who can have the biggest team? Maybe we might make a wave just for you and you all will have a start time all your own!

Q: You haven't answered my questions now what?

A: Click HERE to ask your question, or Funk~us~up on Facebook or Twitter @FunkNRun

Funnel Run


Q: Where is packet Pickup?

A: Once you register, you will get an email with up to date information and an email a week before the run with the solid schedule and where to pick up your packet.

Q: Can we walk the 5k?
A: Absolutely! We have plenty of walkers. We don't care if you walk, crawl, skip or whatever. We promise NOT to be behind you screaming into a bullhorn "Funk~N~Move!!". We just want you out there and having fun!  
Q: What do I get When I register?
​A: Challengers: Awesome Tech Shirt, Funky mood cup, a finishers medal and free pictures of you doing it!
Funk~N~Runners: Comfy Shirt, a funky mood cup, a Funk~N~Run temp Tattoo and a packet of color of your choice and free pictures of you doing it!
Funk Field Day Funksters: A comfy race shirt, a funky mood cup, a Funk~N~Run Temp Tattoo and a finishers medal! Plus free pictures of you doing it!
Q: Where can we find the Schedule?

A: You will recieve an email a week before the event. You can also check on the "Locations" page. Our typical schedule is:
9am: The 5k starts (everyone starts at same time)
10:30 am: The Funk~N~Kids Challenge Starts
11:00 am: The Funk~N~Challenge Starts Q: Can I sign up for more than one race? 

​A: Absolutely! If you want a Funk~N~Challenge and get pummeled or a warm up run with color you are able to sign up for both! The Funkier the better we say!

Q: Will I have time to Funk~N~Run and help my child through the Funky Field Day? 

A: YUP! Events have allotted times so everyone can enjoy all the Funk~N~activities! 

Q: Can my child run the Funk~N~Run 5K?

  A: Of course! The more the funkier!! Children under 5 run for free. If your Little Funkster is under age 5, they are encouraged to run, but will not receive a 5K race shirt or a medal for this run. ALL participants need a bib number (even the children) and in order to receive a bib, a waiver will be signed by a parent or guardian.  Ages 5 and under are also encouraged to participate in the Funk~n~Field Day to receive a shirt and finish medal.

Q: Where are the waivers?

A: You will sign one during registration.We will send one out for those who had someone register for them. We will also have extras at packet pickup. For the children 5 and younger that are running for free,  theirs will be available at packet pick up.**IMPORTANT** EVERYONE NEEDS TO SIGN A WAIVER. ANYONE WITHOUT A BIB NUMBER WILL BE PULLED FROM THE RUN.
For our Little Funksters age 2-10. With traditional field day activities, your little Funkster can have a Funk~n~good time too! 
Activities are age appropriate, adults are encouraged to to help/participate. But no need to be shy...every Little Funkster is rewarded at the finish line with a medal.
Some Stations:
​ Small Hurdle Jumps
Weaving in and out Crawl through a tunnel
5k Color Run

Our Funk~N~family friendly 5K.  It is not timed, not competitive but all fun!  It's to get everyone out of their funks, off their duffs and get movin'!

So...bring your white tutu's, old wedding dresses (yes people do it!), a white morph suit or whatever to join the party! Our colored cornstarch dye will show up on any and everything including black yoga pants (we have a pair too). Though the colored cornstarch isn't permanent we wouldn't suggest wearing your Sunday's finest.

Unless you want to FUNK it up!
Want a Challenge? Think you are up to it?  Think you have what it takes to be the Funk~n~Runs Toughest?

Then we have a challenge for you! This is not a mud run (unless it rains)! This is a Military Style, men and woman are equal, bring it type of Obstacle run. We don't need to build huge obstacles to have you gasping for air! Bring it! No whining allowed here! We do have a drop out rate. So, if you think you might need help getting through these obstacles or if you want to just have company through the obstacles.

Sign up with your friends with a max team of 4. Everyone that finishes get a medal.

Some Stations:
6 Foot walls
Dummy drag
Pull Ups
Sled Drag