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Funk Medals

All proceeds will go to Operation Green Zone in support of our Veterans with PTSD & their families.


All proceeds will go to Operation Green Zone.  Sign up ANYTIME for this challenge and submit once you hit your mileage.

These dog tags are available for those who donate!

Dog Tags for running
Monthly Challenge

Q: Where do I track my miles?

A: You can use any tracking device you have. You can email us a snapshot of your total miles. If you use MapMyRun or RunKeeper, you can friend us then email us once you hit your miles to let us know you finished. We can verify your miles through our “friendship”.

Q: Do we need to do anything else once we friend you on MapMyRun?

A: Once you hit your miles, you must email us to let us know you finished. We are friends with people doing different challenges. Some friends are from the past and some are doing future events.

Q: How do I friend you on MapMyRun or RunKeeper?

A: Go to add friend and enter in our email address: flowerchildproduction@gmail.com

Q: I cannot find you on MapMyRun or RunKeeper. I need help.

A: Email us at flowerchildproduction@gmail.com with your name and email address you used to sign on MapMyRun or RunKeeper.

Q: Where do I submit my miles?

A: Once you hit your miles, email them to flowerchildproduction@gmail.com

Q: When will I receive my medal/package?

A: Your package will go out to you within 3-4 days (if not sooner) from your submission. NOTE: We reply to ALL emails so if you do not receive an email saying we received your submission, please email us again. Sometimes we do not get your emails.

10,000 steps a day medal
100-mile run medal

Take our 150 mile in a month Challenge and you will run 5 miles per day.

That's 10,000 steps a day!

Do you have a FitBit or a device you wear all day?  We will count all miles covered.  If you do not cover 5 miles one day, that is ok...you can walk/run more the next day as long as you can make it up by the end of the month. We will be checking your total miles at the end of the month. 

Think you can cover 150 miles by running it, you are more than welcome to join in with any other tracking device.

Sign Up for discount code

Those of you that sign up here will get a discount code that will pay for all fees of registration to sign up on www.active.com.

The discount code will be given to you within 5 hours (a bit longer if it is after hours)

Note:  Paying for the Challenge DOES NOT register you.  You will need to use to discount code to sign up on WWW.ACTIVE.COM.

I learned a lot about my self in doing this and I cannot wait to partake in this challenge again in the future. 

~Kristen C from WI

Thanks for posting this challenge, I accomplished something today that I did not think was possible.

~Anabel from TX

All in all, it was SO worth it! Loved this challenge!

~ Jennaca from PA

Thanks again for giving back and helping people like us, who are not ready to run a 5K

~ Bonnie from KY

I LOVE this challenge.  I cannot believe how motivated it has made me!  Thank you so much for doing this.  I’m looking forward to the next one!

~Monica from CA

I am really having fun exercising with your challenges. I have other monthly challenges but having this in the middle of the month is really beneficial to keeping me focused!

~Nancy from CA

This challenge has encouraged me to keep up with my personal goal. I'm very appreciative because this challenge changed my life!

~ Angela from PA

Each Month we put on a different virtual running challenge. 

As Certified Personal Trainers, we want to keep you motivated through your workouts and reward you for hard work.

Sign up for one of our Virtual Races and customize your

SWAG BAG to include a T-shirt, Medal, and/or Necklace.

Step 2

Run the distance of the challenge you choose.

Are you up for the challenge?

Choose a challenge that suits you below.

All challenges start on the 1st of the month and run through the end of the month.

Sign up today, It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

30 Mile challenge • 60 Mile Challenge • 100 Mile challenge • 150 Mile Challenge

5K during the month • 10K during the month • WEIGHT LOSS Challenge

Monthly virtual run Challenges

For the love of running

Step 3

Email us proof of your miles and we will send you your medal!

Flower Child Running Medal

Step 1


Q: I got hurt do I lose my money?

A: We do allow for one “do over” if you get sick or injured. Let us know during the month (we will not allow for a do over if you don’t let us during your challenge month), and we will re-register you for another challenge or give you a discount code for another challenge to register at a later date.

Q: I tried to select my t-shirt but it is making me pay. What do I do?

A: You do not need to pay again unless you want an extra shirt. Email a picture or the shirt description to flowerchildproduction@gmail.com. You can do this anytime after you register for us to pull your shirt aside. Or you can email your selection at the end of the month with your mileage submission.

Q: Is there a deadline to submit my miles?

A: Yes. You have up to 3 days after the challenge to submit your miles. We have to be strict about the submission deadline since we travel for events. We schedule our events around the deadlines. Please do not get upset if you miss your deadline. We remind you during the challenge in 3 different emails: confirmation email, welcome email and ½ point emails.

Q: I signed up and paid my $30 but Diet Bet want wants me to pay an extra $30.

A: The $30+ dollars you paid during registration, paid for your medal/Tshirt/necklace and shipping. The diet bet is an extra $30 that you put in a pot to bet on yourself to lose weight.

 Q: I already did one of the challenges. Will I get a different medal the next time I participate?

A: We do have different medals and we try not to send out the same medal. However, if you we may miss the fact that you did the same challenge twice. If you see the same medal you received in the past above the challenge, you can email us at flowerchildproduction@gmail.com and let us know you already received that medal and we will do our best to send out another medal.



These metals are available to choose from for all challenges.